Simplify Home Holiday Decor

Changing my home decor for holidays has never been top on my priority list.  Bringing out all the bins, then a few weeks later putting everything away again.  Somehow my spring stuff would still be up in October, and Christmas decor wasn't put away until Valentine's.  Valentine's was always skipped over, St. Patrick's was a blur, and here we are again at Spring!

This year I've created a new way to keep the seasonal decorations simple enough for even me to follow through.  My kids love it, I love it, even my hubby has had a few nice (although somewhat prompted) comments.  

So here's what was up in my entry from April-mid June....
(notice that my kids are all holding daisies in the picture--so cute!)

And this is what is gracing the walls of my entry right now....

A few family treasures from previous 4th of July activities make a quick and easy shadowbox display.

Once Independence Day  is over, I'll just switch the StoryBoard out for another one.  (I'm thinking a summer backyard beach themed.) The other 2 StoryBoards from Spring and July 4th will be stored in a 12X12 scrapbook paper box until their turn comes around again next year.  

For someone like me that isn't a pure natural when it comes to decorating, this is the perfect solution! 

What kind of items would you put into a July 4th shadowbox?

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