Ruth's Gardening Forum: Today I Microwaved a Pansy!

Dear Friends,
As predicted, some of my sweet little pansies are already drooping.  I needed an easy way to preserve them, so decided that pressing them would be best.  The traditional way to press is under a stack of books (which I have an abundance of) then return a few weeks later to pull out the finished product.  Knowing myself, I would forget and find them 10 years later!

For all of us in a fast-paced world, microwave pressing method is another option to consider (as I learned on  It is very simple to do, and you only need a few household items. I especially loved how the pansies kept their bright colors, even throughout the drying process!

You will need:  
Paper towels
4 pieces corrugated cardboard
4 large rubber bands

Step 1:  Make a sandwich starting with 2 pieces of cardboard on bottom, next place one paper towel, lay pansies face down on it, place another paper towel on top of them, followed by 2 more pieces of cardboard.

Step 2:Wrap rubber bands around the entire package and place in microwave.


Step 3: Cook on low-medium power for 1 minute, then turn over and cook for another 30 seconds.   Allow the "sandwich" to cool, open it carefully and peel pansies off of the paper towel.  Store in a box in a cool, dry area.

Preserved and ready for that special touch to your next card or scrapbook page!

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