Father's Day Thoughts

I can't imagine my life without my husband of 15 years and my father of.....I'm not telling you how many years this guy has stuck with me!  Thank you for everything you both have taught me and your examples of love and patience (especially with my hair-brained ideas)! I know that most likely neither of you will ever read this post, but yet I feel your support everyday as I try to chase this dream of owning and running my own business.  I love you both!


Today to show our appreciation for my awesome husband, my kids and I set up a "Relaxation Station" complete with recliner, snacks, favorite drinks, remotes, Wii controller, and a pillow for a nap. And amazingly, we actually stayed out of his way for a few hours so that he could enjoy it. It was probably the best gift we have ever given Daddy!

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