Ruth's Gardening Forum: I'm Having a Petunia Party!

When I was younger I disliked petunias-a lot!  I don't know if you can actually hate a certain flower, but I saw them everywhere and said, "Why does everyone put those ugly flowers all over the place?"

Now that I have my own garden, I have gained a love and even respect for this hearty and beautiful bloom.  For an aspiring green thumb like me, they are the perfect match! So I invited some of my favorite petunias (Patty, Penelope, Priscilla, Pam Percy, and their second cousins) to come over and stay for the summer in my garden this year.  I hope they enjoy their accommodations!

I realize now why I love these plants so much--Petunias are like the faithful friends in our lives!
  • They come in many shapes and sizes
  • They have every shade of color
  • They can weather wind, cold, hot sun, and the storms of life!
  • They flourish when they hang out with other petunias ;o)
  • The effort you put into the relationship is the reward that comes back to you in abundance!

I am so grateful for the fabulous, faithful friends in my life.  You have been there for me in so many different seasons, ups and downs, good times and bad.  You are like these beautiful blossoms, adding light and beauty to my world!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

 Have any of you planted petunias in 
your flower beds?


Kathy said...

I planted petunias in my yard for the first time last year and I loved them! They bloomed so much bigger and looked so much better all summer than the pansies I have done for years and years. Sorry pansies, you've been replaced!

Unknown said...

I have a tradition of asking my husband for a hanging pot of purple petunias for mother's day every year. They hang right outside of my kitchen window, so every time I'm a the kitchen sink, I get to see my mother's day flowers! It's so much better than the fancy vase flowers that I have to throw out a week or two later.