Showcasing Memories with a Photo Canvas Collage

I am always excited to find new ideas to share with you.  It is awe-inspiring how many creative women are out there in the Blogosphere, bringing us new and exciting ideas everyday.  One of my recent favorites are these canvas photo collages from Simply Sara.  Anything with Mod Podge is magic for me, so this definitely fits into my world.  I hope it will fit into yours, too!

Photo Canvas Collages

Ever since getting a digital camera I have been terrible at printing pictures.
And by terrible I mean, I only print them if I get a frame and need a picture to put in it.
And even then, it usually takes me months to get my butt into walmart to get them developed.

Well, I decided that we really needed to showcase our pictures more and so I decided to make some canvas collages.
(thanks to my cousin Chelly for the inspiration!)

Wanna see how?

Step one: Print your pictures.
Now, I know I am always a step behind in the technology dept. but did you know that you can actually email your pictures in to walmart and pick them up less than an hour later. This is very exciting news, people! (maybe now I'll print more pictures...)

Step two: Paint your canvas. I decided to paint mine this brown/taupish color. I wanted something neutral that would work anywhere in the house. (I just used Folk Art acrylic paint #472 Mushroom), but you can go crazy with whatever paint color you want.
Oh, and I only painted the sides. The rest will be covered up with pictures.

Step three: Lay your pictures out on your canvas and play around with them until you like how it looks. I decided to do three canvas because I am crazy and couldn't decided which pictures to use and which ones not to. It's like trying to decide which kid you love best. It just can't be done.
So, I made two black and white canvas and one color one... and I love them all the same :D

Step four: cut those babies up so that you have lots of fun different shapes and sizes.

Step five: (muy importante!!) take a picture of your pictures, so that you can reference it when it's time to glue!

Step six: Mod Podge baby!

Cover your canvas and the back of each picture in mod podge.
Once all your pictures are on, apply a coat of mod podge over the entire thing.
Let it dry and add another coat.

Step Seven
: Enjoy! Super easy right? My kids have had so much fun looking at them, and our baby girl especially loves pointing to the different pictures and telling me who she sees. "Papa" "Daddy" "Mommy".... so cute!

Oh, one last thing, find a wall and hang these babies up.

I found the perfect place for the color one to live... but with the black and white ones I have yet to find just the right spot...

That's right Chris, a fun night of holding these babies up while I decide where they look good awaits you!
Aren't you excited?!
This makes you want to come home right now doesn't it?!

Happy canvas collage making everyone!

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Simply Sara said...

aww, thanks so much :)
i hope you enjoy making them- they are super easy and fun! this was my first mod podge project and now i'm addicted. ha!