Time for a Change in the Kitchen

A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen.  Everything looks gorgeous, except for this wall that I have pretty much hated now for years.  See what I mean?  
 Can you think of any worse way to check the time?

So I decided something MUST be done.  I found this great clock at Wal-mart for about $15, used a framed cork board (I don't remember where I got that thing.  I keep a lot of extra stuff around, can you tell?) and found a quote board that I had bought on clearance for $6 at Roberts awhile back.

In my basement storage I came across this great frame I had bought on clearance for $1. With a little ink, some scrapbook paper and a die-cut letter, it turned into a whimsical piece to add to my wall.

Isn't this much better?
 I love that I now have a spot to post important notes, menus, and kids' job lists. Even my 3-yr-old boy keeps saying, "Mom, I really like that new clock!"  Who knew toddlers even noticed stuff like that?  And all for about $20.  Not bad.

Have you ever done a wall-makeover? 


Love Of Quilts said...

You wall makeover is outstanding. Trish

Elsina said...

I love your new clock and wall, also the family sign is lovely!

Jill said...

So how do you get to your thermostat? Is there a little door on the front of that frame?

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Looks it! Love the clock face. :)

Janna said...

Thanks for your comments! The thermostat is still there, just not in the picture.