Tell Your Story: A Shadowbox for Great-Grandmother's Combs

One of our readers recently wrote to me about her beautiful ShadowCase she has displayed in her home.  Here is what she had to say, 
"Above my treasure trunk that sits on the floor in a corner, I love to display the shadow case of my great grandmother.  With these few items, that little corner is a dedicated spot for my family heritage.  The white frame of the shadow case looks amazing against my dark wall.  It seems to draw the eye to the contents of my great grandmother’s hair combs that are displayed in it.
When I was hanging it, my son slammed a nearby door and it dropped to the ground.  I was heart sick.  To my relief, the fall didn’t damage the frame, or the glass.  I was thankful that the case’s durability secured what was inside, and was easy to take a part and put jostled items back in their place. Shadow cases are a great way to keep special items safe, and at the same time, displayable."

I absolutely love the way these gorgeous, priceless hair combs look displayed in the Vintage ShadowCase Kit. It is always inspiring to see the treasures that our readers display in their ShadowCases.  Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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