Our Wedding ShadowCase Workshop

Being a mom-preneur and running my own business has its up-days and down-days. There are many days that I ask myself why on earth I get myself into things like this.....  Then I run a ShadowCase Workshop Class, and I remember my reason.  For me it's not about the ShadowCase product, it's about the people I meet and the new friends I make! 
I find so much joy in helping others dig out dusty keepsakes and faded photographs, then listen to the stories they tell with a far-away look in their eyes. We used the Modern Designer Kit to showcase this GORGEOUS wedding photograph that had been stored in a box for decades. 
It was so simple to put together, we had it done in 15 minutes. Even though this couple have both passed on, their legacy will no longer be forgotten. Their sweet love story will be passed on to grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren.  To me this is success, and I know my Grandma Rose would be proud of my efforts.

What kinds of things would YOU put into a wedding ShadowCase?


Miss Felicity said...

Just LIKED you on facebook.
Love your wedding shadowcase above.
I am getting married in August, and i would love to do the same thing <3

Janna said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and welcome to the World of ShadowCasing! I really appreciate your interest and support!

Unknown said...

This is just gorgeous! I have done something similar but on a much larger scale. I am thinking now I need to add some fabric to my case. I made one with all of the special items that belonged to my son when he passed away.

Janna said...

I love to find someone that enjoys shadowboxes like I do! I will be posting one soon that I made for my little baby boy that passed away as an infant. I'd love to see yours that you made--thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!