ShadowCase Workshop: Baby of Mine

I've often said that my favorite part of running my own business is the piles of paperwork helping customers create keepsakes they will treasure forever. 

This is honestly one of my favorite ShadowCase projects someone has done at a Workshop. I can't get over how each little outfit also has a photo of the baby girl wearing it!  Oh boy, now I wish I had saved more of my children's little baby things. 
(Of course, back then I didn't know about ShadowCasing!)

A perfect project to involve your children!  This little girl loved choosing how to design her baby keepsakes and attached many of the items herself!  

Her sister's ShadowCase used the same "Little Suzie" StoryBoard, just flipped to the opposite side.  Again, there's those outfits and photos together--my ShadowCase visions coming to 
life before my very eyes! I love the girls' names in pink vinyl lettering along the bottom of the glass.

And here is the final reveal...

In only about an hour, she created 3 beautiful heirlooms to pass down to daughters for generations. But until that time comes, they will grace the walls of her own home.That's what I call a wildly successful ShadowCase Workshop!

What baby keepsakes would you put into a ShadowCase?

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ShirleyC said...

Those are incredibly sweet! I honestly don't know what items I would use. I would definitely have to dig into my storage bin, but all of my keepsakes are valuable to me.