Going Giveaway Crazy

Sorry, this Giveaway is now closed. 

I know my hubby will think I've gone a little nuttier than usual, but this week ShadowCase has got another awesome giveaway going on! (and we don't need to worry about him, because he never ventures into the unknown Blogosphere!)

If you missed your chance last week, hop on over to The Idea Room and check out today's post.  Amy has done an absolutely GORGEOUS ShadowCase display of some of her ancestor's heirlooms, I love it! The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive  a $65 gift certificate to my shop at

See what she has to say about her ShadowCase project, and while you're there take a look at some of her other ideas, like this butterfly collage she made a few weeks ago.  I love her creativity, it's so much fun being a part of her blog.  Everyday is an adventure with Amy! 

Good luck to you all, and have a fabulous Monday!


Love Of Quilts said...

Well we won't tell hubby about the giveaway...have a good week. Trish

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Following you back!

SmallAdventures said...

Love your products!!!! Just what I have been needing! :) Glad to learn about you!

Ali said...

This is such a great givaway! Thank you so much, they are really adorable. And a great way to display memories.

FLOS said...

The butterfly collage is quite innovative. Nice giveaway! Thanks for sharing with us.