{An Emotional Week} MockingJay and Sweet Tiny Sparrows

This past week has been emotional and stressful for me--hence the absence from blogging as I try to get a grip on myself. Yesterday I sat and read MockingJay by the bedside of a dear friend who is in the battle of her life against cancer.  Young and newly married, she is trying to stay strong for us all. 

I was thrilled to hear that she has been waiting for this 3rd book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  Though her vision is poor, and she can't see right now, I was able to read it aloud so we could both lose ourselves in the life of Katniss Everdeen.  Those few hours have changed my life for the better. What an honor to be near my sweet friend, and what an example she is to me!!
One of the newest Tiny Sparrow sweethearts--meet Danica!!
I am also honored to be involved with a truly remarkable non-profit organization called the Tiny Sparrow Foundation.  I was contacted by them about a month ago when they asked if I would donate some ShadowCases for a fundraising auction they are having on September 30 in Texas. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lasting memories through the beautiful art of photography to the families with children who are facing life threatening illnesses.  With the help of photographers worldwide, they are able to give a beautiful album that will carry the love, joy and everlasting memory of each individual family.  It is just amazing what this organization does for families and children!! 

A glimpse of one of our new StoryBoards in the French Country Ivory ShadowCase that I sent along for the Fundraising Auction.  Isn't it adorable??
I am soooo excited to participate in the True Rumors Fundraising Auction to be held on Sept. 30.  Several of our ShadowCases will be on display to be auctioned, and all proceeds will go to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation. 

For more information on this amazing foundation, visit Tiny Sparrow on Facebook and meet some of the angel children who have been blessed by the love of Tiny Sparrow and those wonderful people that work hard to make their dreams a reality.  


Love Of Quilts said...

So good of you to donate some of your ShadowCases for they're fundraising auction.God Bless Trish

Unknown said...

Just stopping in to say hello. It's been a little while. What an amazing organization and how amazing of you to donate your shadowcases. Loving that French country case!


Unknown said...

...and my heart goes out to you for reading by your friend's bedside. Such a sorrowful read but I admire you for being such a beautiful, strong friend.