Ruth's Gardening Forum: Memories of Lilacs

One of my favorite memories from childhood is the scent of lilacs blooming in the spring.  I would sit for hours, playing in the grass next to our lilac bush, breathing in the lovely scent, knowing that summer was on its way!  Now that I have a garden of my own, I appreciate low-maintenence plants and flowers, and lilacs are at the top of the list!  With only a small amount of knowledge and care, you can have a lush, colorful addition to your landscape.

To care for your lilacs remember these points:
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The things that are important for good growth and abundant flowers are:
1. Sunshine: Best in full sun.

2. Fertilizing: An all-purpose fertilizer in spring.

3. Well-drained neutral soil: The ph should be 6 to 7.

4. Proper Pruning: Prune soon after the flowers have faded.
These steps should give you years of enjoyment from your lilacs ... Happy Gardening !!!

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Unknown said...

I remember my "secret hiding spot" as a child was in a row of lilacs down the alley from my house. What a wonderful memory!