Ruth's Gardening Forum: Little Purple Pansies

The pansies in my garden have become one of my most faithful flower friends.  Their sweet faces are the first to say hello to me from under the last of the melting snow, and when their blooms begin to wilt and fade, they always promise to be back next year (with a few friends)!  A pansy (despite its name) is a hardy, colorful flower that is soon to reach its 200th birthday of being introduced to Mother Earth.  I'll bet you didn't know that!

Also known as "Hearts-ease" the colors of its petals--purple, yellow, and white--symbolize memories, loving thoughts, and souvenirs.  So from my garden to you, here is a bouquet of loving thoughts and happy memories.  Look into their little faces and have a Happy Day!

p.s. Next week we'll be discussing how to preserve these little cuties!

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