A Victorian Valentine

Dear Friends,
If you're looking for true love or would just like to be swept away by something beautiful this month, be sure not to miss "The Young Victoria". We saw it last weekend at our local movie theater, and were swept away by Victorian England and the gorgeous couple - we're sure Queen Victoria would've approved.

The music in this movie lifts one to another time and place. If you're a music lover like us, you'll want this soundtrack in your car and in your home. Even if British Royalty does not captivate you, this haunting and lovely music will. Victoria and Albert's story is really a miracle, how true love can blossom in unlikely circumstances. A love story that bore them nine children and twenty happy years. There is a note of sadness there, but it seems to make their life together all the more poignant.By happy coincidence, today just so happens to be their wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Your Majesties...we could go on, but we'll restrain ourselves - you really ought to see it for yourself.

As for us, we prefer to imagine Queen Victoria and Prince Albert returning home from their travels with the latest craze-- shadowboxes from the Crystal Palace Exposition of 1871-- and sharing them with their nine delighted children.

Happy Valentines,

With Memories in Mind,

Ruth and Rose

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Valerie Bibb said...

I agree, that movie is a wonderful experience and the music so beautiful, I can't wait to buy the soundtrack! Congratulations on launching this business Ruth and Rose, I wish you great success.
Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be.....I guess in a shadowcase! Happy Valentines and once again, may the sun shine on your shadowcases! Valley Blooms