My Perfect Little Valentine

Roses are red, violets are blue
May your Valentine bring something sweet to you...

Dear Friends,

Valentines is upon us, trailing her pink gown of lacy hearts, love notes, fresh roses and for some of us - love.

Love came unusually wrapped for me one Valentine's Day, a sweet pink bundle of joy - my first little girl. Looking into her eyes I recognized my own, twin lakes of quiet blue, and together we felt like old friends saying hello again. Hello my perfect little Valentine. That was about 8 years ago. Yet looking at her now I still remember my arms cradling her, the booties that kept those little feet warm and the vintage bonnet from that special day I'll never forget.

So as I'm ShadowCasing her baby things, I feel like I am holding on to her still. Creating something for us both to look at and remember. Perhaps even for her little girl someday, for yet another pair of eyes...

May February bring you sweetness and inspiration. I'm hoping it brings you love.
Please let me know...

With memories in mind,
love Ruth and Rose

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