Embracing the New Year

Dear Friends,

Usually this time of year brings a sense of sadness and longing as I pack away the Christmas trimmings. No more anticipation of the joy of Christmas morning, the smells of gingerbread and pine are fading away, and time spent laughing with friends and family will be replaced by busy schedules. But this New Year is different, and I can’t help but feel the excitement for what is to come. The beginning of a whole new journey for Rose and myself.

Every day our imaginations are spinning away, about to form a dream into a reality. So much like the caterpillars my son is collecting in a jar. He’s been watching them daily, our budding entomologist, and so have we. They’re in the cocoon stage now... Just like me, I think. It’s time to let my creativity fly.

I love a challenge and I am planning to learn a lot this year as Ruth and Rose begins. This year will require a lot of stretching and stepping out of old comfort zones. But I’m ready to try on new shoes, make new friends and live in a much bigger world--one that will include my grandmother Rose as a daily part of my life. Time to say good-bye to my old shy self.

I’ve never been one to let life fall where it may and I dream of making a difference in people’s lives, helping others bring their creativity to life. I know that Rose would want that too. So here we go, time to embrace bright colors, time to be a butterfly.

Wishing you all a bright
New Year,

With memories in mind, Ruth and Rose

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