Happy Holidays with Thanks

Dear Friends,
Happy Holidays to you all!
I hope you found your perfect but not too perfect tree and enough lights to make you happy. May they light up your life this season. Life in my busy world of ShadowCasing is lighting up too and I am so excited about where we are and whats about to happen... Thanksgiving was wonderful. I was able to show my family what I'd been up to this past year and present my dad with a ShadowCase of his life in the navy. He surprised us all by promptly dressing up in his old navy uniform, which still fit him - I think he was moved and so were we. We love you, Dad and are so proud. Thank you for your service to our country.

Along with that, thanks to the people in my life for your support. My dining room has been a gathering place for family,friends,inspiration and all my stuff. There is a phrase above the mirror that says 'Gather Round the Table' and we certainly have. So my wish for you and yours this season is that you will also gather round the table - to talk,be inspired and reminisce about days gone by.

Always with memories in mind,

Ruth and Rose

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