Food for Thought

Dear Friends,

Isn't it peculiar that our sense of taste and smell is so attached to our childhood memories? The
smell of woodshavings makes me feel eight again. I am waiting for my father to bring in a new puppet theater or small table and chairs from his woodshop. I can still feel the anticipation. The smell of aged sheet music takes me back to my grandmothers organ bench, instantly I'm there watching her fingers move across the keys.

And then there's the heaven of all taste and smell, grandmother's kitchen. There are those days when I need to feel her in my kitchen, to feel her a part of my family's life. I think that's why I search for her recipes and find them with such joy. Like meeting an old friend with a quaint German name. 'Hello Kuchen, how nice to see you again after all this time. You haven't changed a bit...'

So in the spirit of finding all our old recipes and bringing them back to life- maybe for the first time in your kitchen and mine - I want to share Grandmother Rose's LebKuchen recipe with you. This German cake is rich and chewy, fills the house with wonderful smells, and my children love it just as I loved it as a child. I believe that making good family food is a love language all of its own, and it is one I hope we all continue to share.

With memories in mind,

Ruth and Rose

German LebKuchen (loaf cake)

3 Eggs
3-1/2 C. Flour
2 tsp. Cinnamon
Powdered Sugar
2 C. Brown Sugar
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1/4 C. Honey
1 tsp. Salt
4 T. Lemon Juice
Cooking Instructions:
Beat eggs until foamy. Add brown sugar and honey. Mix and sift flour with baking soda, salt, cinnamon, add to first mixture. Mix well. Pat into greased and floured jelly roll pans, 16x11 inch. This makes a stiff dough, so wet hands and pat even. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. While hot heat lemon juice and stir in enough powdered sugar to make thin icing. Drizzle over cake. Cool, cut into squares.

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