Mom and Me Makeover Box

Hello readers! I have missed all of you over the last few weeks.  Between running a new business and a busy household, I felt like it was time to take a little break and rejuvenate my relationship with my family. Here is one of our favorite projects we "worked" on---a Mom and Me Makeover Box!

I purchased a box on clearance for $5 and added a few scrapbooking letters to the front.  Then my girls and I went to the Dollar Store and loaded up on all kinds of goodies--nail polish, nail art stickers, lip glosses, and make-up.  

We had a fabulous time doing our nails and dolling ourselves up one afternoon! 

Now we've got a special box ready at a moment's notice, so that when I've got 10 minutes in between running here and there, we can be sure to make some memories that will last forever.

Wouldn't these make a wonderful, inexpensive birthday or Christmas gift?


Love Of Quilts said...

Your boxes would make very nice gifts. Trish

Misty said...

I love this idea!